the bike lights

This product is designed to be used in the immediate proximity of motorists, aka people, people with attitudes, people with pumpkin spice mochas and timely text messages that are more important than your life, people with biased opinions on what cyclists can do and where they belong. The 898 feels so far ahead of its time for what may be socially acceptable that it may subject you to ridicule.
The flashing rear light is excellent and provides substantial road presence even though it is only claimed to cast 6lm.  At 20lm, the turn signals are clearly not an afterthought.  They are terrifically bright, and flash in a pattern/speed similar to that of a car.  They also are set to automatically turn off after a number of flashes, maybe 15 or so.  Finally, the headlight produces a relatively tight spot beam pattern that would be an excellent supplement to a 800lm range bar light.  Additionally, the vertical adjustment, placement of your headlight is a cakewalk.
As is the case with most things ahead of their time, people often don't know what to think initially.  The 898 is no exception.  Some love it, some find it ridiculous, others are impartial and more interested in its performance.  Because this helmet accomplishes all of its goals to integrate 4 lights into a helmet all while conserving weight to afford a reasonable level for comfort.the bike lights

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